banane 3d druck Allgemein

upgrade your old 3d printer

By now a lot of you might have an old cheap 3D printer around. Clem upgrades his old cheap fire hazard of a 3D printer with a genuine Arduino Mega running Marlin 2.0 and a Custom made PCB to give it quick access buttons for functions  like Filament loading and Unloading and increase its security features with independent measurement of temperatures and Heater voltage and current. While upgrading his own machine he walks you through the settings you need to properly configure your machine should you choose to upgrade it.

How do you configure a 3D printer Firmware from scratch?
Here is my extensive Walkthrough from zero to a full Marlin 2.0 configuration: LINK
Download the latest Firmware version here: LINK

You can now buy the Addon Board for Ramps based 3D printers here to solder and programm it yourself:

Trinamic open source ventilator Content

Doing my Part

In this special Episode Clem does not build a project himself but instead showcases Trinamics Open source Ventilator project. An important effort in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of hospitals don’t have enough ventilation devices for their patients, and to prevent this in the future, the goal is to develop an open source alternative that can be locally produced and would fill that gap quickly in case of a new pandemic.A Raspberry pi 4 controls Trinamics Motion control and motor driver ICs that regulate a blower fan corresponding to constantly monitored Data. While there are a lot of ventilator projects out there, it is crucial to get medical certification at least for one version.

Find all related Documents Partslist and more videos here: element14 community



Clem likes working with metal, but it takes longer to set up the bender and clamp the workpiece than actually doing productive work with it. And it is usually much bigger than it needs to be! Just having it automatically clamp the workpiece would make things a lot faster! So Clem builds a semi-automatic machine that knows when it has correctly clamped the workpiece! He uses a Trinamic TMC2130 stepper driver and an Arduino Nano and explains sensorless homing on the way!

Download all the Files and Code here.

rc remote esp8266 Content

RC system from Scratch! Can it be done?

Can you build an RC remote controller with just an Arduino Uno and a random Wifi module? That is the question this project video answers! Clem got visited by his friend Goofy who is driving RC crawlers in a local trophy series and tasks him with improving his current controller by adding more analog channels and open firmware to allow competitors to freely mod their systems. Clem only uses parts commonly found in a makers workshop such as an Arduino Uno, shift registers  and some wifi modules to build an RC system from scratch. While it works, he cuts some corners to get latency down, and shows you how to get different microcontrollers to talk to each other over UART and WiFi.

Find the BOM and download all the Files for free here:


Ferialpraktikum bei MAYER MAKES ! Bewirb dich jetzt!

Volontariat/Ferialpraktikum für einen Monat (Sommer 2020) zu vergeben.
(Bez. Entlohnung und Anrechenbarkeit für die Ausbildung warten wir derzeit noch auf Infos der WKO – Die Informationen werden hier in Kürze aktualisiert)

Wir suchen jemanden (m/w/d), der sich nicht nur für Technik begeistern kann, sondern auch die Content-Produktion eines Youtubers kennen lernen will.

Das solltest du mitbringen:

Deutsch und Englisch in Wort und Schrift
Interesse an neuen Technologien (3D-Druck, Prototyping, Hardware-Entwicklung, Arduino, Rasperry Pi, IoT, KI)
Begeisterung für soziale Medien (Videoproduktion für Youtube, Content für Social Media)
Mindestalter: 18 Jahre

So gehts:

Schick uns ein kreatives 30 Sekunden Video von dir in dem Du erklärst warum gerade Du perfekt für dieses Praktikum bist!

Lade dein Video auf YT hoch und schick uns den Link und deine Bewerbung über unser

BEWERBUNGSENDE: 21.6.2020 /verlängert bis 26.6.2020

Wir freuen uns auf dich!

diy motorized focus zoom Content

DIY motorized Focus and Zoom for any DSLR

Clem’s Video production is a one-man-show.  He has to switch back and forth between being the subject and the cameraman. Constantly moving around the workshop for every single little correction is very tedious. Why not upgrade any common DSLR with a remotely controlled Zoom/Focus? Commercially available motorized zooms and focus pulling devices are very expensive, so Clem develops his own cheap and flexible solution and finds out if is it worth building this sort of camera equipment yourself. What kind of expensive equipment should he try to recreate next?

Find all the parts and download the Files for free here.

infineon Content

Smart City model for Infineon

Everybody likes a new toy, for Clem that means new microcontrollers and sensors! Infineon has a new range of powerful Arduino compatible 32-bit ARM cortex boards and motor driver shields, as well as, sensors! So Clem ventures out to explore them and build a compact demo unit that demonstrates the use of edge devices with 3D magnetic Sensors.  It could save a lot of energy in tomorrow’s smart cities of the world!

At MAYER MAKES we build Demo units and models for various purposes. This Infineon XMC Demo was designed to be shown at tradeshows and demonstrate how easy it is to use XMC MCUs and sensors with the Arduino IDE and typical maker workflows. While big companies use this service to demonstrate their understanding of the market and show accessibility to boost sales of their product, startups and individuals can also benefit from comissioning a demo unit. If you got a business idea for a physical product, showing a physical model or even a first Proof-of-concept or prototype drastically improves the chance of finding funding for your startup!

giant speakers Content

let there be light!

Clem likes to hear Podcasts and Music while working on element14presents videos but he’s not keen on using headphones and does not want to pump the volume to max to hear his speakers across the room. So he turns the ceiling of his workshop into a giant speaker, by building Studio panels. These Panels also reduce room noise for better audio recordings and by adding small LED lights act as soft light boxes for filming. Dragging around big lights with softboxes is not needed anymore for a lot of shots and the right background music helps keep the groove. All in the name of better, faster project videos! Praise the everlasting Din5_180 Connector for its versatility!

Download the Files and discuss on the project here.

Mega drive portable Content

From Fake to fabolous

Everybody loves a 16-bit retro gaming handheld, but that hardly justifies possibly wrecking an old original console for it. Clem encounters a random fake clone console in his storage and has nothing to lose for ripping apart a device that should not exist in the first place. By reverse engineering the pinout, and fabricating a slick case, he builds a slick retro handheld that plays and feels much better than the clone console before the conversion! Thus, possibly saving a lot of old consoles while removing knockoffs from the market!

Find all the Files and Parts here: Element14 Community