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Make a Wearable DIY Synthesizer!

In 2016 Clem built a very annoying synthesizer in the form of a wristwatch. After showing it around at various Maker Faires it broke, so he decided to rebuild it better louder and more annoying than ever before! It is user-programmable thanks to the Arduino MKR and a haptic interface with satisfying sliders! Download the files for free and make one yourself.

Download all the FIles for Free here:

terminator_like_skull Content

is AI taking over?

Finally, the BeagleBone® AI has been released and Clem is very excited to take it for a spin! He goes beyond his comfort zone and explores PRU (programmable real-time units), OpenCV (Image recognition) and much more on his journey to build an animatronic Terminator inspired skull. It even cites badly impersonated Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes when it detects a human face. This might not be the beginning of Skynet, but it may lead you to build your own AI-powered projects!

giant4k 3d printer Content

Giant 4k resin 3d printer!

I have built a giant (28″ diameter) MSLA style Printer that does not use a FEP foil to seperate Resin and the masking lcd screen.

maybe the first of its kind

Al lthe files and more information are availabe here for free.



if you can’t wait to get a fan-addon for the Beaglebone AI : here is the link to order the pcb right away:

it takes the recommended Fan and allows to control it with pwm from a Pin on the Beaglebone (compatible with Beaglebone AI &Black).
It also provides an easier to reach debug header(has to be soldered the other way round as in the picture(don’t know how to flip it in Kicad3Dviewer) and a debug cutout for the BBAI.

Find the BOM and all Details here.

macpro cheese Content

Worlds first Mac pro that grates cheese! FOR REAL!

this is a real powermac G5 that does grate cheese!

Download all the Files for this build and get a deep dive into the Code at:

Element14 MAC Pro grates cheese!!

This project also demonstrates the use of the brand new MAYER MOVES motor control DEV KIT! Available right now at:

The new 2019 Mac pro looks like a cheese grater, no doubt. Earlier this year, a Maker exposed the fact that its design did not allow it to be effective for grating cheese, much to the disappointment of Clem! So he took it upon himself to build the world’s first Mac Pro that actually grates cheese, and does it with power! The build started out with a Power Mac G5, the first iconic Mac to get dubbed a cheese grater! Clem develops his own motor control development Kit over the course of the project and puts it to use in the iGrater /Cheese pro /Mac‘n`cheese..


Mercedes Sprinter Startup Challenge

Unterstützt uns mit eurer Stimme hier: https://sprinter-startupchallenge.ema… ———————————————————————————————— Wir haben uns als Startup ganz der Entwicklung von Open Source Technologien verschrieben und möchten mit eurem Mercedes Sprinter ein mobiles High-Tech-Makerspace erschaffen mit dem wir europaweit auf Maker Faires und anderen Veranstaltungen Menschen jeden Alters für Technologie zu begeistern und sie dazu bringen ihre Ideen zu realisieren!

FEP film Anycubic photon Content

How to repair the FEP Film on your Resin…

Rerplacing the FEP-Film on DLP/LCD Style resin based 3d Printers is a daunting task for those unexperienced. sometimes the FEP-Film can get tiny holes that are not visibly . They can even be watertight, as the adhesion forces of water are strong enough to keep the water from flowing through that tiny hole, but over time Rsin can leak out of the Vat and cure right onto the LCD Panel, which results in failed Prints and may even damage your 3d Printer.
I use the Anycubic Photon as an example.

„How to repair the FEP Film on your Resin 3d Printer“ weiterlesen