Smart City model for Infineon


Everybody likes a new toy, for Clem that means new microcontrollers and sensors! Infineon has a new range of powerful Arduino compatible 32-bit ARM cortex boards and motor driver shields, as well as, sensors! So Clem ventures out to explore them and build a compact demo unit that demonstrates the use of edge devices with 3D magnetic Sensors.  It could save a lot of energy in tomorrow’s smart cities of the world!

At MAYER MAKES we build Demo units and models for various purposes. This Infineon XMC Demo was designed to be shown at tradeshows and demonstrate how easy it is to use XMC MCUs and sensors with the Arduino IDE and typical maker workflows. While big companies use this service to demonstrate their understanding of the market and show accessibility to boost sales of their product, startups and individuals can also benefit from comissioning a demo unit. If you got a business idea for a physical product, showing a physical model or even a first Proof-of-concept or prototype drastically improves the chance of finding funding for your startup!