Ideas are the basis of every creation, process and business.

We turn our own ideas into real physical and digital items every day. 
Our mission is to turn YOUR ideas into reality.
 No matter if you have just a very vague idea or an inventive spark just hit your mind, MAYER MAKES provides a valuable toolset and training to flesh it out.



Our mission is to get YOUR awesome product to market! And make it truly innovative!

We conceive and design products in many different businesses.
No matter if electronics , building materials, toys ,games, artisan crafts or food and beverages. We fear no new challenge and gather the skillset needed to bring innovation and expertise to the table.
Your product could need a new twist?
you want to get ahead of the competition?
Every business, profits from new inputs and insights.



Get ahead of your competition before the advertising landscape shifts again.

Social Media and Influencer marketing are todays staple toolset to promote consumer products, but the landscape is already changeing rapidly.
MAYER MAKES content, turns your company website into a valuable ressource for potential customers. The viewers enjoy what they are interested in while getting sustainably attached to your brand.