We at MAYER MAKES develop products, for fun and profit.
For ourselves, in collaboration with Makers, Startups and industrial companies and of course just for fun.

If you do it for fun, you do it for the right reason.

Concentrating only on possible monitary output or achieving a milestone that seems promising for marketing and business numbers is risky.
You may loose focus on the real key function of your product.
Leizure projects can teach R&D to focus on the core aspects and also give them new angles to approach tasks in a new way.

No matter if you are a Maker, Entrepreneur, R&D-specialist, CEO or anyone with an idea in mind. You can profit from our dedicated Workshops, Services and our own products.

We create most of our products based on open source projects or even start our own. The extremely fast development cycle and collaborative way of working is a key feature of open source designs. Take a look at these frist iterations that were developed within a very short timeframe.

Second iteration of a new Resin based 3d printer concept! 2020 Update!

See the latest Developments in our Resin 3D printer concept for a cheaper and easier scalable machine.

The Stopmotion Pi (in later revisions Codename: shabyHat) enables indipendent filmmakers to get glorous motion shots that are usually done with very expensive gear. join in on the Developement here.
the new 2020 versione is here:

MRC is a system that allowes RC controlls to be transmitted over existing WiFI/Wlan) setups, at the same speed commonly available RC-Systems provide. it supports multipoint connection and up to 85 bidirectional/multidirectional channels. Join in on the developement here