Ideas are the base of every action.

No matter if you conceive a genius invention, start a new approach to an already known topic or just decide what to eat for dinner.

Everything good starts with an idea in your head.Taking a vague thought and turning it into a marketable product is a long and hard process.

„Is this an idea?“

| literally everybody at some point

If it was easy, everybody would have already done it.

MAYER MAKES helps you at every stage of your path to sucess.You do not even have to have an idea yet! We provide workshops that help you discover your individual process of invention.

You have an Idea? Great!

the next step is the hardest:
Before you even attempt a prototype, you need to test your ideas for flaws.
We know your idea is like your baby, something to be proud of and to protect. The reality though teaches us that most great future products start as flawed ideas. Get rid of the pink glasses and take a closer look at your idea. That is not an easy task!

That is why we developed MVP-Pentesting.

A dedicated workshop to identify the flaws and hickups in your minimum viable product (MVP).
A successfull business pivot starts with honest self reflection.
We use the Pentesting aproach known from IT-Security to poke the holes until we find a leak. Figuratively speaking.

MVP-Pentesting is also a key module in our Collaboration Fastlane workshops.

Beeing your hardest critic is tough!
We make it even more painfull, and much more effective. The rougher the session gets the better your product will be in the end.
The phoenix from the ashes principle works better in business than enywhere else.

Burning your MVP is worth it.

MVP-Pentesting is the most effective way to identify flaws and get rid of them as early on as possible.

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