shore 71D Skate wheels , incredibly hard!


Brailles very popular „You make it we skate it“ series explores the weirdest homemade contraptions related to skateboarding.
As year long subscribers we had to get in on the fun!

When it comes to skateboard wheels they mostly range in hardness from shore 75A at the softest to 101A at the hardest.
Suitable for tricks and smooth riding, and soft enough to take the impacts of grown adults landing from big heights.
What would happen if you would make a wheel so hard it is off the usual scale for the sport?
MAYER MAKES Engineering Resin reaches shore 71D (as you know the D scale is a lot further up in hardness than A and B scales)
this makes for an extremely hard wheel, that still can take some impact but feels like concrete running on conrete. Very slippery as demonstrated by Aaron Kyro and his Braille skateboarding team in this video! it still makes for a fun ride, but there is good reason for typical skate wheels ranging in the hardness classes they usually do!
While we don’t endorse 3d printing wheels for its obvious shatter potential we encourage the users of our products to explore what is possible with high end materials in the weirdest ways!