giant speakers

let there be light!

Clem likes to hear Podcasts and Music while working on element14presents videos but he’s not keen on using headphones and does not want to pump the volume to max to hear his speakers across the room. So he turns the ceiling of his workshop into a giant speaker, by building Studio panels. These Panels also reduce room noise for better audio recordings and by adding small LED lights act as soft light boxes for filming. Dragging around big lights with softboxes is not needed anymore for a lot of shots and the right background music helps keep the groove. All in the name of better, faster project videos! Praise the everlasting Din5_180 Connector for its versatility!

Download the Files and discuss on the project here.

Mega drive portable

From Fake to fabolous

Everybody loves a 16-bit retro gaming handheld, but that hardly justifies possibly wrecking an old original console for it. Clem encounters a random fake clone console in his storage and has nothing to lose for ripping apart a device that should not exist in the first place. By reverse engineering the pinout, and fabricating a slick case, he builds a slick retro handheld that plays and feels much better than the clone console before the conversion! Thus, possibly saving a lot of old consoles while removing knockoffs from the market!

Find all the Files and Parts here: Element14 Community


Network of Networks! #mastodon #fediverse is the content future!

We always want to stay on the edge of tech, that is why we have moved on from the old fashioned social medias to the new Network of networks the #fediverse.
Do you remeber the good old days of interest specific forums?
When I dabbled into the internet for the first time, I searched for a Forum to learn about that new hobby I picked up, I chatted, learned and made friends online. and then cam social media and we all flocked to it. More connected faster and more inclusive…but also more intrusive, and filled with garbage.
I don’t care for mom-vloggers whos posts are 99% adds for junk I don’t need. I don’t care for the seemingly perfect live of instagram-models. I care for thougth, inventions, tech and skills. I want to see content that is meaningfull and not driven by the need to please an algorithm.
I want to produce content for people with similar interests, not a hoard of brainless numbers on a sub-counter. The truth in business is that it does not matter how many people see your stuff but how many can use it and convert into a customer. and the same goes for any media. High numbers are worthless if they consist of dumb drones. A handfull of the right skilled followers can be more than enough to come out on top.

The point is that on conventional social media you are bombarded with uninteresting garbage, adds and propaganda.

the Fediverse takes controll away from the ones who run the services to those who make the content. Can’t find the thing you are looking for? Make it yourself, the framework is free and open source! build a videoplattform for your special interest! the one for tech guys like me is!
want to make a texting community for a highly specific business? Found a mastodon Server!

Why should I run a Plattform that nobody finds?—You don’t! You build a node in a network!

When you start a community/service/plattform that adheres to the fediverse comunication standard you become part of the network! link up to other networks with a similar audience or general servers like and open your „federation tab“–Boom thousands of people with similar interests are in your reach!

the Future is decentralized shared and networked within networks.

follow us on mastodon or any other app.. it is your choice!
we post content as @mayermakes on the old dying social medias.
even a linkedin article is still relevant (for now)
and distribute our videos as
and these are linked to all the other hundreds of places for your individual field of interest! welcome to the content future!


Make a Wearable DIY Synthesizer!

In 2016 Clem built a very annoying synthesizer in the form of a wristwatch. After showing it around at various Maker Faires it broke, so he decided to rebuild it better louder and more annoying than ever before! It is user-programmable thanks to the Arduino MKR and a haptic interface with satisfying sliders! Download the files for free and make one yourself.

Download all the FIles for Free here:


is AI taking over?

Finally, the BeagleBone® AI has been released and Clem is very excited to take it for a spin! He goes beyond his comfort zone and explores PRU (programmable real-time units), OpenCV (Image recognition) and much more on his journey to build an animatronic Terminator inspired skull. It even cites badly impersonated Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes when it detects a human face. This might not be the beginning of Skynet, but it may lead you to build your own AI-powered projects!

giant4k 3d printer

Giant 4k resin 3d printer!

I have built a giant (28″ diameter) MSLA style Printer that does not use a FEP foil to seperate Resin and the masking lcd screen.

maybe the first of its kind

Al lthe files and more information are availabe here for free.

macpro cheese

Worlds first Mac pro that grates cheese! FOR REAL!

this is a real powermac G5 that does grate cheese!

Download all the Files for this build and get a deep dive into the Code at:

Element14 MAC Pro grates cheese!!

This project also demonstrates the use of the brand new MAYER MOVES motor control DEV KIT! Available right now at:

The new 2019 Mac pro looks like a cheese grater, no doubt. Earlier this year, a Maker exposed the fact that its design did not allow it to be effective for grating cheese, much to the disappointment of Clem! So he took it upon himself to build the world’s first Mac Pro that actually grates cheese, and does it with power! The build started out with a Power Mac G5, the first iconic Mac to get dubbed a cheese grater! Clem develops his own motor control development Kit over the course of the project and puts it to use in the iGrater /Cheese pro /Mac‘n`cheese..

FEP film Anycubic photon

How to repair the FEP Film on your Resin…

Rerplacing the FEP-Film on DLP/LCD Style resin based 3d Printers is a daunting task for those unexperienced. sometimes the FEP-Film can get tiny holes that are not visibly . They can even be watertight, as the adhesion forces of water are strong enough to keep the water from flowing through that tiny hole, but over time Rsin can leak out of the Vat and cure right onto the LCD Panel, which results in failed Prints and may even damage your 3d Printer.
I use the Anycubic Photon as an example.

Read more „How to repair the FEP Film on your Resin 3d Printer“

Stopmotion / Timelapse Camera Slider, automated and fully Open…

Clem dreams of making his own Stopmotion movie, just like the claymation films he loved as a kid. But creating these kinds of movies is very difficult and tedious. So he builds a machine that makes it much easier, is controlled with his smartphone and even moves on its own to make the stunning Hollywood shots he dreams of! Download all the Files for free at –