banane 3d druck

upgrade your old 3d printer

By now a lot of you might have an old cheap 3D printer around. Clem upgrades his old cheap fire hazard of a 3D printer with a genuine Arduino Mega …

Trinamic open source ventilator

Doing my Part

In this special Episode Clem does not build a project himself but instead showcases Trinamics Open source Ventilator project. An important effort in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A …


Clem likes working with metal, but it takes longer to set up the bender and clamp the workpiece than actually doing productive work with it. And it is usually much …


Smart City model for Infineon

At MAYER MAKES we build Demo units and models for various purposes. This Infineon XMC Demo was designed to be shown at tradeshows and demonstrate how easy it is to use XMC MCUs and sensors with the Arduino IDE and typical maker workflows.

giant speakers

let there be light!

Clem likes to hear Podcasts and Music while working on element14presents videos but he’s not keen on using headphones and does not want to pump the volume to max to …

Mega drive portable

From Fake to fabolous

Everybody loves a 16-bit retro gaming handheld, but that hardly justifies possibly wrecking an old original console for it. Clem encounters a random fake clone console in his storage and …