Ferialpraktikum bei MAYER MAKES ! Bewirb dich jetzt!

Volontariat/Ferialpraktikum für einen Monat (Sommer 2020) zu vergeben.
(Bez. Entlohnung und Anrechenbarkeit für die Ausbildung warten wir derzeit noch auf Infos der WKO – Die Informationen werden hier in Kürze aktualisiert)

Wir suchen jemanden (m/w/d), der sich nicht nur für Technik begeistern kann, sondern auch die Content-Produktion eines Youtubers kennen lernen will.

Das solltest du mitbringen:

Deutsch und Englisch in Wort und Schrift
Interesse an neuen Technologien (3D-Druck, Prototyping, Hardware-Entwicklung, Arduino, Rasperry Pi, IoT, KI)
Begeisterung für soziale Medien (Videoproduktion für Youtube, Content für Social Media)
Mindestalter: 18 Jahre

So gehts:

Schick uns ein kreatives 30 Sekunden Video von dir in dem Du erklärst warum gerade Du perfekt für dieses Praktikum bist!

Lade dein Video auf YT hoch und schick uns den Link und deine Bewerbung über unser

BEWERBUNGSENDE: 21.6.2020 /verlängert bis 26.6.2020

Wir freuen uns auf dich!


Network of Networks! #mastodon #fediverse is the content future!

We always want to stay on the edge of tech, that is why we have moved on from the old fashioned social medias to the new Network of networks the #fediverse.
Do you remeber the good old days of interest specific forums?
When I dabbled into the internet for the first time, I searched for a Forum to learn about that new hobby I picked up, I chatted, learned and made friends online. and then cam social media and we all flocked to it. More connected faster and more inclusive…but also more intrusive, and filled with garbage.
I don’t care for mom-vloggers whos posts are 99% adds for junk I don’t need. I don’t care for the seemingly perfect live of instagram-models. I care for thougth, inventions, tech and skills. I want to see content that is meaningfull and not driven by the need to please an algorithm.
I want to produce content for people with similar interests, not a hoard of brainless numbers on a sub-counter. The truth in business is that it does not matter how many people see your stuff but how many can use it and convert into a customer. and the same goes for any media. High numbers are worthless if they consist of dumb drones. A handfull of the right skilled followers can be more than enough to come out on top.

The point is that on conventional social media you are bombarded with uninteresting garbage, adds and propaganda.

the Fediverse takes controll away from the ones who run the services to those who make the content. Can’t find the thing you are looking for? Make it yourself, the framework is free and open source! build a videoplattform for your special interest! the one for tech guys like me is https://diode.zone!
want to make a texting community for a highly specific business? Found a mastodon Server!

Why should I run a Plattform that nobody finds?—You don’t! You build a node in a network!

When you start a community/service/plattform that adheres to the fediverse comunication standard you become part of the network! link up to other networks with a similar audience or general servers like https://mastodon.social and open your „federation tab“–Boom thousands of people with similar interests are in your reach!

the Future is decentralized shared and networked within networks.

follow us on mastodon or any other app.. it is your choice!
we post content as @mayermakes on the old dying social medias.
even a linkedin article is still relevant (for now)
and @mayermakes@mastodon.social
and distribute our videos as @mayer_makes@diode.zone
and these are linked to all the other hundreds of places for your individual field of interest! welcome to the content future!

giant4k 3d printer

Giant 4k resin 3d printer!

I have built a giant (28″ diameter) MSLA style Printer that does not use a FEP foil to seperate Resin and the masking lcd screen.

maybe the first of its kind

Al lthe files and more information are availabe here for free.



if you can’t wait to get a fan-addon for the Beaglebone AI : here is the link to order the pcb right away: https://aisler.net/p/SWHBYGQV

it takes the recommended Fan and allows to control it with pwm from a Pin on the Beaglebone (compatible with Beaglebone AI &Black).
It also provides an easier to reach debug header(has to be soldered the other way round as in the picture(don’t know how to flip it in Kicad3Dviewer) and a debug cutout for the BBAI.

Find the BOM and all Details here.


Mercedes Sprinter Startup Challenge

Unterstützt uns mit eurer Stimme hier: https://sprinter-startupchallenge.ema… ———————————————————————————————— Wir haben uns als Startup ganz der Entwicklung von Open Source Technologien verschrieben und möchten mit eurem Mercedes Sprinter ein mobiles High-Tech-Makerspace erschaffen mit dem wir europaweit auf Maker Faires und anderen Veranstaltungen Menschen jeden Alters für Technologie zu begeistern und sie dazu bringen ihre Ideen zu realisieren!


Visit us at Maker Faire Hannover 2019!


Visit us at MAKER FAIRE BERLIN, Germany

At Maker Faire Berlin, Germany, Clemens Mayer will give you a crashcourse in Filmmaking for Makers!

On Saturday 18th May 2019 FEZ Berlin, Vortragsraum2(Kino) at 1 pm (13:00).

We are also part of the booth 4/5Sterne (4 out of 5 Stars) together with the awesome Makers @tinyledmetrix ,@davedarko(fellow element14presents host) @bitluni and more to join in on the fun.